INSEAM S.A.S.  In our environmental issue we could not leave out beings so small but so important for human survival THE BEES, sometimes we do not know or calculate the importance of bees in our daily lives, they are the ones that pollinate and make our plant life reproduce and in this way our food arrives at the table.

This is why INSEAM S.A.S. It has been developing an apicultural project in our Acacia forest with the installation of 300 hives, in this way we are contributing to the polization and conservation of the essential bees in human life.

It is also a millenary tradition that consists of taking care of a swarm of bees inside hives, obtaining from them a surplus, honey. Other natural products such as propolis, pollen, royal jelly and medicines are also obtained. The beekeeper is a cattle herd farmer, takes care of them and multiplies.



Being a beekeeper is an exciting and varied occupation. It provides the joys of a manual and thoughtful work, but also the concerns of those who depend on the climate, the protection of biodiversity and the health of their animals.

In our hives we value and understand above all the physiological processes, which make the balance of the “bee colony” as a living organism with stable temperature and humidity, with the ability to heal the wounds that occur inside, with the ability to reject or adapt to pathogens and parasites lurking to share the habitat.


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