minería responsable


For  INSEAM S.A.S.  We are dedicated to the import, export, exploitation and marketing of all types of minerals. But complying with our regulations for the regeneration of the soils affected by the bad exploitation in order to compensate for the possible negative impacts that are derived and in turn that potentiate all the positive impacts; without losing sight of the permanent search for operational efficiency and the continuous improvement of the organizations responsible for the mining issue.

We rescue and relocate wildlife

Our need is to maintain biodiversity in terms of fauna, flora and watersheds intervened in the mining issue. By which it is framed in our Environmental Management Plan that is developed with the objective of reducing the impact generated.

Reforestation and revegetalization

The first thing we do: It is the recovery of the areas worked for the extraction of minerals. Our commitment is to recover all the intervened soils by establishing plantations with native species.

INSEAM It is able to advise the mining companies a plan of soil regeneration, reforestation and giving an added value of landscaping.

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